Perpetual memorial services
Returning to the sacred mountain

Kaiganzan Iwayaji, the 45th of the 88 temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route, is an ancient temple founded by Kobo Daishi more than 1,200 years ago, and has been a subject of worship ever since. Towering rock cliffs overwhelm any visitors to the temple, which is surrounded by primeval forests of Japanese horse chestnuts. Immortal history and the infinite universe inhabit in Iwayaji.

Jizoson statues in Iwayaji
“Memorials to return” the deceased to Mother Nature

Jizoson statues in Iwayaji

Would you like to have stone Jizoson statues erected in memory of your loved ones as a means to remember them?
Some personal effects, ashes, or mementoes of your loved ones can be placed in the belly of the stone statue, for which memorial services are to be carried out in perpetuity. This is a form of memorials for the deceased in which those who are considering natural burial (e.g. scattering of ashes, tree memorials) might take interest.
– General memorial services for all the statues are carried out during the equinoctial weeks as well as the Bon period (in mid-August) every year.
– Since the statues stand along the approach to the temple, they are also worshipped by temple visitors from both Japan and overseas, the number of which reaches several tens of thousands a year.

Jizoson statues in Iwayaji

Jizoson statues in Iwayaji
Inquiries about application

For inquiries in English, please send an e-mail to .

1. A set of application documents (available only in Japanese) will be sent by mail.
An application guide and application forms will be included in the mail.
*In the application form, you will be asked to give the posthumous Buddhist name of the deceased (the secular name is also acceptable) as well as details of the items to be placed in the belly of the statue.

2. You will be asked to visit Iwayaji in person.
After returning the completed application documents, you will be asked to visit Iwayaji in person for formal application.

*After an interview is conducted, a receptacle for the items to be placed inside the statue is handed out. *Please bring the receptacle with you on the day of the consecration ceremony.
*Fees are to be paid at the time of formal application.
*Application procedure will be complete when the date of the consecration ceremony is arranged.

Fee for dedicating a Jizoson statue  
300,000 yen
Annual maintenance fee    
3,000 yen

Consecration ceremony
The consecration ceremony is held at Iwayaji.
Albeit in a small amount, ashes and/
or mementoes of the deceased are placed
semipermanently in the belly of the statue.
The statue will eventually become moss-grown
with personal items of the deceased in it,
and the spirit of the deceased will be
integrated into the sacred mountain.
Consecration ceremony